About Pan Left

The Making of a Video Revolution

Started in 1994 by Lisa Wise and Jeff Imig, Pan Left Productions was born out of the desire to help local activists and artists make media for little or no money. Pan Left Productions has grown into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and production company with an active membership that is consistently producing articulate, artistic, and thought-provoking work. Ceci and Jason

We are a membership-driven collective of progressive artists and activists who believe in the positive use of media for social and environmental justice and social change.  Our mission is to amplify progressive stories and voices by providing access to equipment and resources, increasing the capability of individuals and organizations to use and make media, and promoting equity in media distribution.

As a part of our mission, Pan Left puts the tools of production into the hands of people who are not equally represented in the mainstream media.  Our members produce films and videos about a variety of topics ranging from immigration to gender equality from workers’ rights to environmental justice.  Building coalition with organizations and other social justice filmmakers is key to our success.  In addition to our productions, Pan Left provides:

  • media literacy classes and workshops,
  • media production classes and workshops,
  • distribution ideas and services,
  • media services to allied progressive organizations and artists,
  • screenings and events that showcase independent artists.

Pan Left is a place where you can tell your story in your own words.  For more information or to schedule a presentation with your community organization contact us.

Special THANKS To Our Funders

Our work to date has been made possible by the invaluable support of:



Also generous contributions from individual donors that makes our work possible.

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