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Pan Left Productions
225 E. 26th St #3
Tucson, Arizona 85713

To learn more about our services contact or (520) 792-9171


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  1. Felix Lawrence says:

    Hi, I saw your office at the event on Saturday there. I’m hoping to re-start production of a mock-u-mentary about free speech in the public space (billboards, bus shelters etc) I have 1 scene done, and scripted out a couple more. Originally, I wanted to do a documentary, but none of the public figures & executives would participate, so I turned it to a mockumentary instead. What I mostly need are actors. Would love to talk to you all, my phone is 602-680-0139. Thanks.

  2. Sami Gardner says:


    I am the Education and Employment Specialist with the ANCHOR Project at the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. I am piloting a workshop series that I am calling Queer Launch which guides participants through launching a project (cookbook, youtube channel, micro business, etc). I would really like to have a member come speak to my group about film making. And I would like to learn more about your community resources. Thank you for your time!

    My email is and my direct office line is 5205476111. Thank you!

  3. Susanne Mason says:

    Dear Pan Left producers:

    I am a documentary film researcher based in Austin, Texas. I am working on an independently produced documentary about the Dream Act. I left a voicemail today regarding my research. We are looking for footage of the Sit-In by students on May 17, 2010 at Senator McCain’s office in Tucson. Is it possible to speak to someone by phone about possible sources for such footage?

    Thanks for your time and good works!
    Susanne Mason
    (512) 476-0930

  4. Lio Barrett says:

    Hello, My name is Lio Barrett, I am a trans guy that uses services at Living Out Loud, and the director there, Chad Moyer, suggested your company to possibly help me with a project that I am working on. I would love the opportunity to talk to you on the phone or in person about my vision, the needs of the project, and why I feel it is important in modern society. If you are willing to help fantastic, if the you feel the project may not be for you but know who might be able to get it off the ground; that is welcome feedback as well. Any help is appreciated. My number is 520-440-6246, or you can get in contact with me on facebook @Li Barrett (picture of a yellow rose) or at my email
    Thank you for your time and efforts, I hope to speak to you soon.
    Lio Barrett

  5. Susan Marquis says:

    Hi, Could you please tell me when you released your film Immokalee: A story of slavery and freedom? It was quite well done and has some great older footage and interviews. I’m working on a book about the CIW and the Fair Food Program and would like to cite your film but need some of the details like the production/release date. Many thanks.

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