Angela Soto

Angela Soto was born on January 25, 1961, in Tucson, Arizona, the youngest of five.  Her mother, Vicenta Soto, a seamstress/farmer/housekeeper raised Angela as well as her three sisters and her brother on her own. Angela found her mom and sisters to be her source of strength and inspiration. She believes that they are all very strong, loving, and amazing women, and she hopes she can tell all their stories one day.

As a youngster in the 1960s, Angela was the first in her family to love school. She went on to be the only one in her family to go to college, majoring in journalism where she could pursue the joy of telling people’s stories. She has worked at the Arizona Daily Star for 20 years, starting in the library and moving to the local news desk.

About 25 years ago she picked up her first still camera, taking pictures and telling stories for fun.  Not long after, the video camera made it into her hands. Through classes at Access Tucson she was determined to do more films and to show them to an audience besides her family. Two years ago she showed her first short film, The 2004 All Souls Day Procession, in the All Souls Day Film Festival. It was a 10-minute photographic show of the All Souls Day Procession. The following year she made another 10-minute short film titled, El Dia de Un Muerto.  It is the story of a deceased little girl who comes to the All Souls Day Procession to be reunited with her mother. El Dia de Un Muerto was shown at the All Souls Day Film Festival in December 2005 as well as at Nuestras Raices Film Festival in February 2006.

In March 2006 her full-length feature film, Mia’s Journal was shown at the 2006 Wingspan Film Festival, drawing the largest festival audience.

In 2009, Angela’s film La Virgen De Guadalupe was selected to screen at the
Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE), and I AM–which tells some touching coming out stories in the Latino community–showed at the LGBT Tucson Latino Pride Event.

Recently, up and coming singer and songwriter Joleen Dedmon and filmmaker Angela Soto teamed up to test the water in bringing Dedmon’s song, Everything I Need to life.  She also recently filmed artist David Tineo as he painted “Princesa de me Corazon.”

Angela currently lives with her partner of five years, Linda Dols. They have three dogs and one cat. Angela’s current project is a documentary about artist David Tineo who was part of the 60’s art movement, the movement that created huge colorful murals in the barrios of U.S. cities with a strong message of social change and justice for Mexican Americans.

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