Steev Hise

Steev Hise is a mediamaker, activist, and reluctant computer geek, originally from Iowa. He is actively involved with the Independent Media Center, is a member of the managing collective of the Tucson-based Dry River Radical Resource Center, and has been a Pan Left member since Fall 2005. Steev has been been doing a mix of artistic and political video work since 1992, media activism since 2000, and did graduate study in new media and electronic art at California Institute of the Arts. In 2004-2005 Steev produced and directed On The Edge, a documentary about the femicide in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City, Mexico. Steev has presented his work across the Americas, in Europe and Australia. He is the founder of, a website devoted to artistic appropriation, and his personal website is Steev is currently Directing/Producing the pilot for a new series, Truth On The Line.

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