Pan Left presents Sonoran Strange from Verbobala: May 8 and 9

Pan Left presenting this exciting show from Verbo*bala for two nights only. Come early! Pre-show video from Pan Left on display. Free admission, Donations accepted. Experience Sonoran Strange!



Verbo*bala Spoken Video

May 8 & 9, 2014
8:30pm Thursday & Friday nights
please bring some cash to donate

Global Justice Center
(formerly Stardust Lounge)
225 E. 26th St., South Tucson, AZ, 85713

After touring across the west last year, transdisciplinary theater piece
performed by Adam Cooper-Terán and Logan Dirtyverbs Phillips
of Verbobala Spoken Video returns to Tucson.
Bilingual spoken word, live video, performance art.
Featuring Liliana Gomez of Phoenix.

In June the piece travels to University of Rostock, Germany–come experience it on the southside first.



What if the Catalina Mountains outside Tucson dreamed of one day jumping the border of horizon, to follow their dreams of becoming thunderheads? What if the Apaches had won? What if the saguaros were sent to boarding school in Pennsylvania? What if the snowbirds don’t come home to roost, if the tumbleweeds decide to settle down? What if sand shoots from the sprinklers? What if the water runs out?

A performance installation incorporating spoken word, performance art and live video projection to take audiences on a unique and dream-like trip across the borderlands of the US and Mexico. Sonoran Strange is a remix of myths, a technological ceremony and a celebration of the oral tradition.

Presented in the round, audiences surround the performers and are encouraged to move throughout the space during the performance.

Creators and performers Adam Cooper-Terán and Logan Phillips of Verbo*bala use the Sonoran Strange to explore the deep contradictions and ironies of the landscape and culture of their homeland. Created partly in response to the latest wave of anti-immigration legislation in Arizona and debuted on the state centennial in 2012, Sonoran Strange is a love-letter to the desert land and an indictment of human folly. Sonoran Strange is place-based transdisciplinary storytelling with universal connections.

Development of the piece supported in part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Tucson Pima Arts Council and the Belle Foundation. Barrel Cactus projection structure designed by Benjamin Hall design+build and fabricated by Benjamin Hall and Carrie Morgan.

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