Under Arpaio Community Preview Screening Tucson

Tucson Preview Screening July 28

Pan Left Productions presents a Community Preview Screening of


A Documentary by J.M. Aragón

$5 to $8 suggested donation at the door for Tucson Screening

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Larger donations are welcome.

(Proceeds benefit the upcoming grassroots screening tour)


Thursday, July 28 7:00 P.M.

Armory Park Ballroom- 220 S Fifth Avenue- Tucson, AZ


For more than two years, Pan Left member and producer Jason Michael Aragón has documented and collaborated with people in Maricopa County who are fighting against the abuses and injustices perpetrated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This feature length non-commercial and non-profit documentary Under Arpaio from Aragón and co-producer Mary Charlotte Thurtle reveals the story of people affected by the ongoing abuse in jails, de facto immigration enforcement through racial profiling, and corruption within the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department- now under Federal investigation.


Arpaio’s persona is world renowned as the self-proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff in America”. He is infamous in the media through his antics of forcing inmates to wear pink underwear, work on chain gangs, and live in tents. Arpaio is an unapologetic crusader against illegal immigration. What is less known is the community affected by this media attention and tactics used by the Sheriff.


This documentary shows the people in the Phoenix area that are rarely seen in the national spotlight, but are the ones on the daily front lines as Arpaio continues to conduct raids on migrant and Latino neighborhoods, ignore bad jail conditions, and waste more than hundreds of millions of dollars in tax payer money. Under Arpaio features activists, low-income residents, attorneys, reporters, elected officials, and indigenous people who speak truth to power. In the face of all of this, the community targeted by Arpaio has not stood still but has organized and continues to fight. This is their story of struggle against one of the most well-known law enforcement figures in recent U.S. history.


The preview screening in Tucson will feature the “working-cut” version of the film that is bilingual in English with Spanish subtitles. It’s a longer version before the final broadcast edit is completed. This cut of the film will be taken on a national grassroots screening tour this fall and winter so that other cities who are experiencing similar issues with immigration law enforcement can share and learn from those in Arizona. All proceeds from screenings will benefit the upcoming tour and final post-production of the film.
Following the screening there will be a short panel discussion aimed at bringing more connections and awareness with the topics from the film.


For more information

Contact: Jason Aragón   phn: 520.792.9171 ext.2    email: info@underarpaio.com


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Please consider making a donation for the national screening tour.

Or mail check (memo Under Arpaio) to:

Pan Left Productions

631 S 6th Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85701

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