VIDEO: Fight for Ethnic Studies- Images from TUSD May 3

This is a short collection of video images from Tuesday night at the TUSD Board meeting. There’s a dynamic history of context about the ethnic studies fight I wish I could share now, but it’s the crack a dawn so i’ll have to save a more robust edit of this struggle later. However, after last night, I was compelled to release more than just a short clip like last week’s brave actions by UNIDOS. What happened at the board meeting last night was unforgettable. A moment that is uniting all walks of life in Tucson who are willing to literally sacrifice their own bodies for the cause. It’s awe inspiring. It’s also disheartening that cruel stubbornness of a few board members has given way to political capitulation reinforced by brutal police force. Egypt this is not, but for a moment it seemed that way.

I’m sure many who were present there are now coming to terms with a new movement in Tucson that is rapidly evolving into more numbers and people of all types. There will be many detractors and many lies perpetuated by those who can not understand or just too rigid to believe in real change that comes from people organizing from the below. So I offer this one piece of testimonial- despite the unsettling images of police brutality and excessive force, I never lost faith in those people who withstood the abuse and stood firm in both love and resolve. They will not be moved and they will not give up their right to a real education. For those on the outside, get to know this struggle (here’s a good place to start ) because the time has come when you can no longer remain neutral. I hope join with with us.

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