Videos from the Oidag

Oidag Cribs

This past summer Pan Left once again was able to work with Tohono O’odham youth in Sells. We collaborated with Tohono O’odham Community Action in their youth program called Project Oidag that teaches traditional practices and knowledge in their community. A lot desert gardening and harvesting with this dedicated crew and feeding the people in around this part the world is no joke. Blistering heat and little water? Well, not worry, they’ve got O’odham Himdag to guide them. It’s great to see young minds learning and carrying on thousands of years of resolve and love for people and community and using the tools of the day is one way to carry on the lessons from the past. But with little to know media equipment that can be a challenge. Pan Left supported these youth to create their own stories about their traditions with a little modern twist.

Here’s some videos made by Project Oidag youth this summer



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