Redirect Your AZ Tax to Support Pan Left

 You can redirect your Arizona taxes through the Arizona State Tax Credit Program to support our City High School Class. Pan Left has continued it’s long standing relationship with City High School with the As We See It video class.  Why send your takes to support the right-wing legislature that brought us  SB 1070, severe cuts in education and bans on gay marriage, why not keep your tax dollars in your community by supporting Pan Left’s City High School class? You have the power to redirect your state taxes to support your community by taking advantage of the Arizona State School Tax Credit Program. As a tax credit, not just a deduction, it means every dollar you donate up to $200 for an individual and $400 for joint filers can be directly taken off your taxes. Yes, it is a dollar-for-dollar reduction on your state taxes while supporting Pan Left! You can donate online using PayPal via the City High School website. After you enter the amount you would like to donate, you can indicate that your donation is for the “Pan Left Class” by clicking on the link that says “Please specify details in the box below.” Donate now.


Here are a few of the projects students of the class are working on:
•    A documentary about body modification.
•    A documentary about video gamer culture.
•    A documentary about Yaqui heritage.
To talk to someone directly about this opportunity, please call City High School Executive Director Carrie Brennan, (520) 623-7223 ext. 203. For more information on how the tax program works, contact Pan Left at (520) 792-9171.

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