The Homeless Youth/Video Photo Project

The Carlos G Figueroa Foundation is a group of videographers & photographers that are video & photo advocates for the homeless & those in poverty in Tucson, Az. We are fiscally sponsored by Pan Left Productions.

The Homeless Youth Video/Photo Project is a Pan Left Productions project and is being done by The Carlos G Figueroa Foundation. The team that is involved in the project is Tiffany Goforth (videographer & Pan Left member), Angela Soto (videographer & Pan Left member), Ron Austin (videographer & Pan Left member), Kathleen Dreier (photographer) and Jennie Collins (back up photographer).

This project has been in the planning stage for a year and is finally coming to fruition. Recently we have had two photo/video shoots which was facilitated by a local agency that does out reach to homeless youth. These shoots culminated in the involvement and participation of five homeless youth. The expectation is that their will be more shoots facilitated by the afore mentioned agency and another one that houses homeless youth.

The concept is that we will produce a series of short videos that will be available to the public culminating in once enough footage has been acquired in a documentary which will be available on DVD and as a download for phones and computers.

The expectation is that once the people of Tucson see the reality of what youths have to go through while living in the streets they will bring about a positive change in their condition.


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