Tineo Painting Raffle

Eve by David Tineo

Eve is  4′ x 4′, acrylic on canvas and the last in Tineo’s “Frida” series.  You have a chance to win the painting for only $10! Or buy six tickets for only $50. Proceeds benefit Pan Left.


The drawing will be held at our annual brunch, Just Art: Celebrating Artists and Social Justice on May 15, 2011.  Need not be present to win. The winner is responsible for shipping costs.
About EVE
“There are many elements to Eve that made me create the painting in one day,” said David Tineo about his recent work that is being raffled at the Pan Left Brunch on May 15.

The 4 ft. x 4 ft. painting is mostly g ray, black and white, with a touch of RED. “The tears are of joy,” said Tineo, “she’s happy, happy that I’m painting, happy of what she sees.”

You will also notice a butterfly with a pair of eyes, “they are my eyes,” said Tineo, “looking at you.”

On the bottom of the painting is papaya fruit. To Tineo, this represents love, sex, and passion. “It’s a very sensual piece,” Tineo said. “You’ll also see the yin yang symbol, how opposites exist in relation to each other,” he said, “man and woman.”

Tineo said he hasn’t done a piece like this in five years and this is the last of the Frida series.

You can own Eve by purchasing a $10 raffle ticket.

The Artist David Tineo was part of the 60’s Latino art movement–the movement that created huge colorful murals in the barrios of U.S. cities with a strong message of social change and justice for Mexican Americans. He is the recipient of numerous distinguished awards, including The Robert Rauschenberg award, The Governors Award for the Arts, League of Latin Americans and many more.

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