Media Services for Lawyers

“Pan Left put together a concise, powerful and moving sentencing mitigation video. It made the difference between a 10 year sentence and time served. Thank you, Pan Left.”

Rosemarie Valdez, practicing law in the Federal Public Defenders Office

Video is an attention grabber.  It says things in an interesting and engaging manner that sticks with your viewer.  Are you using it to its full effect in your practice? Our media services for lawyers include:

  • Creating your own training videos for clients
  • Videotaping depositions
  • Producing sharp focused marketing materials
  • Making “Day in the Life” films of your clients for presentation in settlement negotiations or administrative hearings
  • Educating the judge as to your client’s mitigating factors in sentencing hearings
  • and more…

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“Our client is headed home, years earlier than originally feared. He thanks you, his fiancee and family thank you, and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”

Laura Conover, practicing law in the Federal Public Defenders Office

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