Librotraficantes smuggle books into Tucson, Arizona

After the Arizona Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer passed HB2281, the Tucson Unified School District voted to ban the Mexican American Studies (MAS) program, in a 4-1 vote.  The successful MAS program was dissolved and books were removed from classrooms. March 16, 2012, a caravan of Librotraficantes (book traffickers) came to Tucson, Arizona.  These librotraficantes were made up […]

UNIDOS Art Festival

  Description from U.N.I.D.O.S.: ‘While the institution continues to fail us, the community continues to rise. Ethnic Studies is abolished inside the gates of our schools but not the streets of our community. Education is ours, from the roots our knowledge will continue to grow with autonomous education. UNIDOS presents: School of Ethnic Studies, the […]

Tucson March to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

“After a morning ceremony, walkers marched to [U.S.] Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, headquarters here in the cold light rain, to deliver their petitions. Undocumented individuals, their families and supporters petitioned Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to immediately close their immigration cases.” from the blog of Brenda Norrell…   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this […]

Barrio Hollywood Fiesta Grande 2011

9th Annual Fiesta Grande: A Celebration of Barrio Hollywood May 7 & May 8, 2011 A free fundraiser in support of community programs within Barrio Hollywood & Tucson, Arizona. Barrio Hollywood Lifetime Achievement Award: Guadalupe Castillo Sunday May 8, 2011 The first Barrio Hollywood Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Guadalupe Castillo, a dynamic community […]

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns IN PRODUCTION

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns ACT ONE: El Rio In the late 1960’s, people in Tucson, Arizona Westside neighborhoods demanded that their ignored and under-funded neighborhood have a park for children and families. The City owned a lush golf course, the El Rio golf course, in Tucson’s Westside. Why not change the El Rio golf course into a […]

Anita Street Market Toy Drive 2010

Family-owned Anita Street Market collects donations all year long for the annual toy drive. Tucson Grassroots is an up and coming documentary about community members like these who celebrate and honor their community in Tucson, Arizona. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” To support Tucson Grassroots documentary project visit: Bookmark […]

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns is a non-profit video project that documents successful grassroots campaigns in Tucson, Arizona.  This video project examines community organizing methods, planning, and nonviolent strategy for positive social change. Act One: El Rio  In 1968, the City of Tucson purchased El Rio Country Club, a lush golf course in Tucson’s west side. Why […]