Tucson Grassroots Campaigns IN PRODUCTION

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns ACT ONE: El Rio In the late 1960’s, people in Tucson, Arizona Westside neighborhoods demanded that their ignored and under-funded neighborhood have a park for children and families. The City owned a lush golf course, the El Rio golf course, in Tucson’s Westside. Why not change the El Rio golf course into a […]

Arizona LGBT Storytelling Project: Community Histories

The Arizona LGBT Storytelling Project: Community Histories is the first collection of its kind of oral histories and digital documentation of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities in the state of Arizona. The project is directed and coordinated by Jamie A. Lee in collaboration with many volunteers throughout southern Arizona. The purpose […]

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns

Tucson Grassroots Campaigns is a non-profit video project that documents successful grassroots campaigns in Tucson, Arizona.  This video project examines community organizing methods, planning, and nonviolent strategy for positive social change. Act One: El Rio  In 1968, the City of Tucson purchased El Rio Country Club, a lush golf course in Tucson’s west side. Why […]